迷宫塔罗牌意解释上篇,【 TITI著】。

  1. 愚人(the fool)

图案:你可以把他当做一个小丑或永远的旅人(the clown or eternal traveler)

这是一张被标记号码的牌,牌上的愚人,他可以出现在任何地方,随时会有各种奇遇和冒险。(It is the unnumbered card which can appear in any place and it leads to adventure)

代表着自然、热情、冲动和狂热,有时也表示轻浮。Spontaneity,enthusiasm,impulsivity and frenzy.Sometimes frivolity.

也代表着鲁莽,爱出风头,以及不受约束。(Recklessness,exhibitionism and lack of discipline.)

惊讶地告诉我们(Tells us of surprise.)

还代表着离开,旅行,放弃和破碎的感情。Absences,journeys,abandonment and broken affections.

逆位表示:不公正,心理情绪不稳,难以理解,以及冷淡。(The reverse side shows:injustice, mental instability,inability to understand,frigidity.)

总的来讲,愚人象征着自由。Represents FREEDOM.


  1. 魔术师(the magician)

图案:炼金术师或者法师。(The aichemist or spell-maker.)

象征毅力,以及有新的想法产生的倾向。Presonifies willpower and a tendency towards new ideas.

也象征的创造力,独创力,敏捷性和灵活性。Symbolises creativity,originality,dexterity and flexibility.

还象征着控制、自信。Control and confidence in oneself.

也表示着自发性和主动性。Spontaneity and initiative.

也表示成功所带来的价值和知识。The value and knowledge that success brings.

也表示繁荣和精明。Prosperity and astuteness.

逆位表示:缺乏坚定,优柔寡断,吹牛,欺骗,不可告人的目的。Reversed:a lack of firmness,indecision,charlatanism,trickery,dark aims

总而言之,魔术师表示着实践、执行以及完成。In summary,FULFILMENT.


  1. 女祭司The priestess

图案:学识渊博的女神。the mother goddess of esotericism.

这张牌表示的是理智和独立。Her viewpoint is cerebral and indepent.

也表示黑暗的、秘密的。也象征着科学、神秘学,偏向于黑暗方面的想象力。She represents darkness and mystery.she is the mouth of science,of occult knowledge,the black flight of imagination.

也表示对立面,如积极与消极。翻出了正位女祭司牌,可能也表示着最近你在智慧方面会有所收获。positive and negative,the duality without which nothing exists,Under the control of her lunar side,wisdom appears.

还表示理解力,预见性,客观性以及学习。Understanding,foresight,objevtivity and learning.

逆位表示:无知的,难以理解的,肤浅的以及专门利己,从不利人的利己主义。Reversed:ignorance,incomprehension,superficiality and egoism.

总之,女祭司表示的是与神秘智慧方面的相关。The occult and wisdom.



  1. 女王The empress

图案:聪颖与敏感的女王。表示活泼的,有着支配管理欲望的。代表了女性,母亲,姐妹,人妻以及爱人。The image of intelligence and sensitivity.a living and domineering part of evolution.female,mother,sister,wife and love.

也表示受精。She who is fertilised.

象征着自然,感情,物质丰富。抽到这张牌也表示幸福、性欲、稳定与安宁。Symbolizes natural,emotional and material abundance.she is happiness,sexuality,stablitity and tranquility.

也表示着有创造性的事业、疾病的治愈、分娩、问题的解决方案、家庭富裕以及经济上的成功、最近正在进行的项目将会有成效。She takes us to a creative business,a cured illness,a birth ,the solution of problems,a rich family life and economic success.A fruitful time to take on now projects.

逆位表示:浅薄、懒惰、奢侈、浪费、吸引人的母亲形象、不开心等。However her otherface shows superficiality,laziness,extravagance,waste,the absorbing mother figure,unhappiness.

总之,女王所表示的就是智力性欲。In summary intelligence and sexuality.


  1. 国王The emperor

这张牌揭示了世界的力量。He reveals power over the world.

“国王”牌表示的有男性的阳刚。也有表示巨大力量的怪兽。Masculine.the great beast of the physical and material world.

也表示平衡和稳定。Balance and stability.

还象征着父亲。也象征着领导者。象征着世上的权威、骄傲、富裕以及世界的力量。He is the archetypal father and represents leadership,anthority,pride,richness and world power.

这张牌还表示一个时间段里的行动。也表示经过一段时间的坚持终究将理想实现。He announces a time of action.a time in which with the help of tenacity,ideas can become reality.

逆位表示:执着于名利、以自我为中心、有唯我独尊的趋向、幼稚、优柔寡断。When reversed he can talk to us of the obsession of fame and fortune,egocentricity,tendeny to dominate,immaturity and indecision.

总结:国王牌表示的是实现、完成,有时还表示层次分明的尊卑等级。In summary fulfillment and sometimes hierarchy.


  1. 教皇The high priest

象征着知识。Symbolizes knowledge to the world.

这张牌表示的是信仰和神秘主义方面的事物,另一方面,还表示着整合和正统。Faith and mysticism and on the other hand conformity and orthodoxy.

教皇牌还表示爱抚、对于知识的理解力。He is the caress and the wrapping of wisdom together with comprehension.

也表示仪式的重要部分(可引申为影响所占事情的重要因素)。The head of ritual.

也有象征着耐心、抗拒、谦卑。The light that shines patience,resistance and humility.

还有象征引导着人们去冥想、沉思。象征着探索深奥的知识。This arcane leads us to meditation and external esoteric knowledge.

也有适应形式(ps:可能泛指宗教方面)以及社会认同等方面的涵义。His search may also be the adaptation of religious form and social approval.

教皇牌也可以是稳定、自信、教授以及提出好建议这些方面的象征。He is stability,confidence,teaching and good advice.

逆位表示:虚伪、不负责任以及狂热。His most negative side is insincerity,irresponsibility and fanaticism.

总结:教皇牌表示对于渊博知识的崇拜。He represents faith in synthesis with knowledge.


  1. 恋人The lovers

这张牌有表示选择,测试,不安。以及Choices and trials are the elements of this card.unease.

也有表示吸引力、不确定性(ps:也许是因为爱情里充满了未知?因为未知,故而充满欢娱与痛)。Attraction and uncertainty.

恋人牌,引导我们走向乐观,发现自己的另一面,也代表了肉欲与柏拉图式爱情间的冲突(ps:或许也可代表挣异性恋与同性恋的冲突、超越伦理道德之恋?)。It leads us towards optimism,to ameeting of contrasts and also represent the struggle between sensual and fraternal love.

也表示联合与距离。也表示困难或者选择。It is union and distancing,and leads us to the trial or the choice.

逆位表示:沮丧、自怜、不忠和犹豫不决。Its reverse side is frustration,self-pity,infidelity and hesitancy.

恋人牌可以概括为对于自由意志的诱惑。Can be summed up as free will of temptation.


  1. 战车The chariot

战车牌有成功和“一切尽在掌握之中”之意。Success and control of events.

表示能量、力量、健康以及永远的活力。Energy,strength,health,the wheels of activity.

抽到这张牌的人,可能热爱旅行,热爱自由。也表示通过冒险得到美好的未来。Reference to love of travel and freedom. The risk of adventure with a promising future.

图中战车独自转动的车轮,表示最近你的状态充满了活力。Rolling along,it tells that this is the moment to get moving with vitality.

当然,如此充满干劲地前行,有时会忽略了现实情况,但是不管多么艰难,却也不会逃避。Also ignorance of reality and escape.

逆位:有失败、所有的努力皆是徒劳以及残忍之意。抽到逆位战车牌,会有陷入抑郁、焦虑情绪的危险。Reversed it leads us to failure,defeat,vanity and is like a gloomy vision of the world.

总之,战车代表成功胜利。Symbolizes success and victory.


  1. 公正Justice

图卡表示的是衡量公平公正,不偏不倚。Just measure,impartiality.

这张牌表示的是具有严谨和精密的精神。This is the card of rigour and precision.

代表了平衡、公正以及和谐。也有“这是一场公平比赛”的象征。Represents a balanced spirit,justice and harmony.the clean game.

公正牌也象征了识别能力,好的意图,甚至亦有贞操之意。It is discemment,good intentions and even virginity.

也表示了忠告、城市、美德和荣誉。Advice,honesty,virtue and honour.

逆位:不平衡、挫折、纠纷、滥用、犹豫不决、事情趋于严重性。Its other side:imbalance,frustrations,disputes,abuse,indecision,severity.

显而易见,公正牌表示的自是公平正义。In summary,fairness.


  1. 隐士The hermit.

代表了圣人,窥破自然奥秘之人。Represents the sage,the holder of secrets.

有“解释清楚、阐释清楚”之意。也有“克制”的意思。Indicates illumination.abnegation.

隐士,有物质贫穷,精神富饶的意思。Material austerity and inner wealth.


逆位:卑鄙、伪善、贪婪、隔离状态、邋遢(ps:也许隐者大多不修边幅?)与知识贫乏。Reverse:meanness,sanctimoniousness,greed and isolation.slovenly and with poor knowledge.

隐士,智慧孤独的象征。Wisdom and solitude.


  1. 命运之轮The wheel of fortune

命运似车轮般不断旋转,又不断回归原点。表示的是命运的不断旋转。(ps:有点类似于佛教里的轮回之说,细细深究,东西方玄学之间有些许相通之处)。The image of the eternal return. the continual turning of destiny.

表示事物是在不断变化的。也可应用于事物的修改、修正之意。Changes, modifications.


只有那些回答了斯芬尼克(ps:古埃及神话里的狮身人面像)问题的人,才能忘记能让人入狱的具体法律条文。Only those who answer the questions of the sphinx can forget the material laws which hold man prisoner.

象征着提前,以及结果。Advance. outcome.

逆位:有损失的风险,进展缓慢,逆境,不平顺。停止改变。Its other side is: risk of loss , slow progress, adversity , irregularity. Arrested change.

命运之轮的关键词:命运。The key word is destiny.


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